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Claude Kraft
Born in 1972, came to ballooning as a crew member for Georges Kraft in 1996 and was co-pilot for Jules and his brother during many national and international meetings. He achieved to get his licence in summer 2003. Today he participates in many national and international competitions as an challenging pilote, he became national champion in 2011.

Benoit Elvinger
Born in 1974, came to ballooning through friends. With a pilot license of tourism and glider airplanes, he is interested in aviation in general. Obtaining a pilot license to fly hotair ballons was not more then a further step in its conquest of the air.
Georges Kraft
Born in 1968. he came to ballooning because he was hooked by the activity as a spectator. With over 450 flight hours in the book, he is a very experienced pilot who enjoys introducing his passengers into the magic of ballooning.
Marc Kremer
Born in 1951, glider and hang-gliding pilot (no longer active), came to ballooning through competition. Has been an excellent crew member for J.C. WEBER in many competitions before learning to fly balloons and becoming an accomplished competitor himself. Has some 700 hours in the book all over the world and has been a competitor in many national and international Championships and has been National Champion several times.

Colin Weber
Born in 1975, came to ballooning through his father. Has been a crew member for quite some time before starting to compete himself. With around 600 hours in the book, he likes the competition side of ballooning and enjoys the friendship that comes with it.
Jean-Claude Weber
Born in 1947, married, three children, glider and fixed-wing pilot (no longer active), has been involved in ballooning for more than 30 years. He has logged more than 1600 balloon flights all over the world, he is also a balloon flight instructor and examiner and has trained many of the national pilots. He has been a competitor in many national and international Championships and currently holds the National Altitude Record for balloons up to 3.000 m³ (AX8) at 7.298 metres. He has been National Champion several times (fixed-wing and balloons). He is President of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale’s (FAI) Ballooning Commission since March 1998, and a Vice-President of the FAI. He is also an FAI Sporting Commission (CASI) member and a Senior International Juror. He has been the ballooning expert for the Luxembourg government for many years and helped writing the licensing regulations for aerostats and dirigibles. He is Event manager and Organising Committee President for the World Balloon Trophy, a hot air balloon competition event. 
Jean Lorang
Born in 1950, married, two children, came to ballooning as a competition crew member for JC WEBER. Has no other aviation experience but likes sailing. Has been an Official Observer at many international ballooning events all over the world and started competing in the 1996 National Championships. He has around 300 hours in the book.
Jules Backes
Born in 1945, former parachutist, came to ballooning through his friends. He is involved a lot in ballooning but believes he is to old to start competition. A perfect crew chief and accomplished 4x4 driver, he has around 150 flights in the book. Likes to fly in the Swiss Alps.
Marc Rosenfeld
Born in 1958, he has been navigator and co-pilot for Marc Kremer during competitions for several years. After a somewhat long time as pilot student finally achieved to get his licence in Summer 2002.
Likes the technical sides of ballooning, like using GPS and radios or GSM phones for ballooning tracking for retrieving or for display of balloon positions during competitions.
Philippe Kloos
Born in 1978, he is actually the youngest pilot in Luxembourg. He came to ballooning trough his familly and finally realised his licence in 1999 in the USA. He has about 250 hours in his book.
Claude Weber
Born in 1971, came to ballooning through family ties. He likes ballooning because of its challenges, like getting out of bed at 4 in the morning. Claude flies when he finds the time and has logged around 240 hours. Currently he is also a lot into directing competitions.
Laurent Menster

Né en 1973, il est venu à la montgolfière par son ancien camarade d’école Claude Kraft et une amitié commune avec la famille de Philippe Kloos.
Après avoir renforcé à maintes reprises l’équipe de Georges Kraft il a débuté l’écolage en 2013 pour réussir son brevet de pilote en septembre 2014.
Il aime pratiquer la montgolfière en famille avec son épouse et ses deux fils.