Fly With Us
How about flying with us? Do we hear you telling us that you would never dare suspend your life below a bubble of hot air? Well, we have been doing this for nearly thirty years and a few thousand flights, and we are still very well alive and happy to enjoy an excellent safety record.
We always fly our balloons in calm to light winds, generally not more than 18 km per hour. For this reason, we only schedule passenger flights for the period just after sunrise and two hours before sunset, when flight conditions are usually ideal. Flight time at a height of +/- 300 m above ground is generally 60 to 90 minutes, giving passengers the opportunity to really appreciate the silent flight and the scenery below. After the landing, somewhere in the countryside, you will receive a glass of champagne to celebrate your flight in a hot air balloon.
A hot air balloon flight – all you need to know (PDF, 56 Kb)
As a non-profit making association we are not allowed to carry paying passengers, and therefore, we only carry our members. Should you wish to make or give a balloon flight, you will necessarily become a supporting member for one year and you will be charged at a membership fee listed here below.
Our membership fee is 200,- EURO per person and for one year

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