Flight School

So you have decided to become a balloon pilot? This is a very commendable decision and we would like to congratulate you for this "giant step". But first, let us tell you what your basic needs are before you enrol:

  • you must be aged 17 or more
  • you must become an adhering member of our association
  • you must have a "clean" medical certificate delivered by one of the doctors recognised by the Luxembourg Ministry of Transport!
  • you must get a training licence from the Ministry of Transport!

Becoming an adhering member means you will be invited to one of our board meetings to be scrutinised from top to bottom, inside and outside. The board will then designate two sponsors who will take care of your person for two years.

Once admitted, you will get involved in all of our activities. As soon as you are ready to begin your training we will ask you to pay the basic tuition fee of 3.750.- €. This will entitle you to the whole training program of 16 flights plus ground school.

Usually, your training will take from one to two years in our recognised balloon flying school, depending on your own and your flight instructor's time. You will obtain your licence after having passed a theoretical and practical flight test organised by the Ministry of Transport.

Once these conditions satisfied, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT ...