Flight School

You would like to become a hot air balloon pilot? What a great idea! 

The CLA operates its own flight school which is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our experienced trainers and instructors will be happy to accompany you during your flight training. 

To become a student pilot, you need to: 

  • be at least 17 years of age

  • become a member of our club

  • get a medical certificate from one of the doctors approved by the Civil Aviation Authority

  • get a training license from the Civil Aviation Authority 

As soon as you are ready to start training, you will be requested to pay the tuition fee of 3.750€. This fee covers all theoretical courses as well as the practical flight training of at least 16 hours. 

The length of your training strongly depends on your own commitment, but also on the weather and the availability of your instructors. You will receive your pilot license after having passed successfully the theoretical and the practical examinations.